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We have been holding a leading position in the Ukrainian real estate advertising market for 11 years.
Years of stable and productive work have sharpened our skills and vision. We have developed the kind of systematic expertise that can be scaled in any direction. That gives us the ability to apply our expertise in a wide range of niches. Medicine, automotive, construction, e-commerce, and many others. Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will be a distraction.
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Picking us is similar to winning the lottery. Except luck. It has nothing to do with it.

Sharpen Expertise
Our approach is based on an orientation to metrics and data. We make hypotheses, test them, get numerical data, analyze and put forward a working business model that increases the number of potential customers, and as a result, the number of sales. We find the most convertible audience, the warmest leads. We have done this so many times that we are ready to put the model forward after a short audit.
A simple and effective Goal
Our goal is very straightforward. Each business is to find a path to its customer. This path should be short and wide, and the search for this path should be as cost-effective as possible.
The Client is Always Armed
We provide our client with the data that will help them to make a decision based on the results of our services. Whether you are: an insightful professional with years of experience, or a person who understands the way money works, but is detached from the mechanics of advertising - we have an approach to all categories of clients.
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Our Clients
We developed a custom service package for each client aimed at increasing brand awareness, engaging new customers, and developing loyalty among existing clients. To achieve this, we used digital and content marketing, with a focus on lead generation.
We decided that it was time to share our expertise with the world, and launched our own YouTube channel. Here we talk about the specifics of our work, give helpful advice to specialists, in addition we interview some of the biggest and the most significant figures in real estate marketing of Ukraine. Go and check out our videos.
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